Fast HV Transistor Switches, HTS 50-08-UF – HTS 50-12-UF – HTS 80-12-UF – HTS 80-20-UF


  • 5kV at 80A or 5kV at 120A or 8kV at 120A or 8kV @ 200A
  • Ultra Fast
  • Fixed On-Time

Typical applications

  • Pockels Cell Drivers
  • Laser Electronics

The solid-state switches of the HTS-UF (Ultra Fast) series have been specially designed for high voltage pulse generators with a short pulse duration and extreme edge steepness. The HTS-UF switches are distinguished above all by a rise time which remains widely constant over a large range of operating voltages and loads. For low voltage operation a special stage tapping option is available which allows fast switching also in the hundred volt range. In contrast to conventional high voltage switches, e.g. with cold cathode tubes, the transistor switches of the HTS-UF series have a very low jitter and the lifetime typical of semi¬conductor devices. At the input side all that is needed is a TTL-compatible control signal and a 5¬volt auxiliary voltage.

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