Fast HV Transistor Switches, HTS 40-06 – HTS 50-05 – HTS 80-03 – HTS 160-01


  • 4kV at 60A or 5kV at 50A or 8kV at 30A or 16kV @ 15A
  • 1ns Rise Time, tp=25ns…100µs
  • 5MHz Rep Rate, 10MHz Burst

Typical applications

  • Acceleration Systems
  • Pulsed Electrostatic Deflection

The high voltage switches described here have a fixed on-time and are ideal for use in fast pulse and discharge applications. In contrast to switches with variable an-time, switches with fixed on-time are widely immune against any feedback effect from switch output to control input. The pulse width is stable even under worst case conditions (bad circuit layout, long open wiring, magnetic coupling, undefined bad etc.). Switches with fixed on-time have a very short rise and propagation delay time, which makes them ideal for pockels cell applications.
These switches are actively controlled devices (no avalanche technique) and show highly reliable and reproducible switching behavior regardless of temperature, voltage or bad condition. Compared to conventional high voltage switching elements, such as gas discharge tubes and spark gaps, BEHLKE solid¬ state switches do not show aging effects and achieve life times by several orders of magnitude higher than any other classical high voltage switch.

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