Fast HV Transistor Switches, HTS 30-08-UF – HTS 30-06-UF


  • 3kV at 80A or 3.6kV @ 60A
  • Ultra Fast
  • Ultra Compact
  • Ideal for Electro Optics

Typical applications

  • Pockels Cell Drivers
  • Laser Electronics

The ultra fast transistor switches of the UF series are distinguished above all by an extremely short rise time which remains constant over a wide range of operating voltage and load. BEHLKE solid-state switches are actively controlled devices (no avalanche technique) and have a highly reliable and reproducible switching behaviour regard¬less to temperature and bad conditions. Compared to conventional high voltage switching elements, such as gas discharge tubes and spark gaps, BEHLKE switches do not show aging effects and achieve life times by several orders of magnitude higher than any other classical high voltage switch.

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