Fast HV Transistor Switch, HTS 150


  • 15kV @ 30A
  • Fixed On-Time
  • Simple Connection
  • Compact Design

Typical applications

  • Acceleration Systems
  • Pulsed Electrostatic Deflection

The solid-state switch HTS 150 generates precise high-voltage pulses with amplitudes of up to 15 kV. The HTS 150 is a cost-effective solution in all pulse applications, which require a fast leading edge and a low pulse droop at a relatively uncritical trailing edge. In contrast to conventional high-voltage switches like gas discharge tubes or electron tubes the HTS 150 does not need heating power or a complex drive circuitry. Further advantages are very short recovery times, low jitter and a lifetime typical of semiconductor devices. The power part of the switch is made up of a large number of MOSFET con┬Čnected in parallel and in series which are controlled absolutely synchronously. Due to the galvanic isolation the HTS 150 can be used as high-side switch for positive as well as for negative voltages. The device is protected from thermal overload by means of an internal temperature sensor.

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