Fast HV Thyristor Switches, HTS 60-200-SCR – HTS 120-100-SCR


  • 6 kVDC/2 kA pk. – 12 kVDC/1 kA pk.
  • Compact Design
  • Extremely High di/dt
  • High Surge Current Capability

Typical applications

  • Surge Generators
  • Crow Bar Circuits
  • Flash Lamp Drivers
  • Shock Wave Generators

These solid-state switches are designed for high voltage high peak current switching applications such as shock wave generators, flash lamp drivers, crow bar circuits and surge generators. The switching modules contain a large number of reverse blocking thyristors (SCR) connected in series and in parallel. Each single thyristor is controlled by its own low ¬impedance gate drive, which allows an extremely large di/dt without reduction of reliability and life expectancy.

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