Fast HV Thyristor Switches, HTS 40-1000-SCR – HTS 60-1000-SCR – HTS 80-1000-SCR


  • 4 kVDC or 6 kVDC or 8 kVDC @ 10 kA pk.
  • SCR Technology
  • Extremely High di/dt
  • High Surge Current Capability

Typical applications

  • Surge Generators
  • Crow Bar Circuits
  • Flash Lamp Drivers
  • Shock Wave Generators

These solid-state switches are designed for high voltage high peak current switching applications such as piezo drivers, flash lamp drivers, crowbar circuits and surge generators. The switching modules described here are developed on the basis of a special type of SCR (Sillicon Controlled Rectifier) with a very high surge current capability. Each switching module consists of a large number of these SCRs which are connected in series and in parallel. The extremely fast and synchronous turn-on of all SCR's is performed by a special low impedance driver circuit, which provides also galvanic isolation from the control input. Internal current paths are optimized regarding stray inductance which allows extremely high rates of change of turn-on current.

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