K400 Klystron Pulse Modulators


  • RF Peak Power: 30 – 60 MW
  • Pulse Voltage: 280 – 450 kV
  • Pulse Current: 230 – 450 A
  • MODULATOR AVG.: 125 kW
  • MAINS (1 / 3 PHASE): 3
  • COOLING: Water

Typical applications

  • Industrial
  • Research

This very powerful unit has become the flag ship of our Pulse Modulators. Designed to handle klystrons in the 30 MW to 60 MW range, it provides all of the features of the smaller series of klystron modulators along with the pulse current and voltage to meet the needs of the largest klystrons on the market today. The K-series modulators have become the number one choice of the research community with their additional ability to provide the industry’s best pulse-to-pulse repeatability along with unsurpassed pulse shape that maintains the flattest pulse tops, resulting in unparalleled RF output stability. These modulators were designed to meet the most critical needs of the high power RF user.

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