PXS Series – Proportional Extra-small HV Power Supply

High Voltage Power Supply PXS Series


  • Ultra-miniature size 0.1 cubic inch (1.6cc)
  • Unipolar models 0 to 300V max.
  • Bipolar models 0 to ±150V max.
  • Proportional or fixed output voltage
  • Output power of 0 to 1.5 watts or 3 watts
  • Excellent load regulation
  • Efficiency as high as 90%
  • 1000V of isolation from input to output

Typical applications

  • electron microscopes
  • Piezoelectric devices
  • CapillaryElectrophoresis
  • ink jet printing
  • Avalanche Photo Diodes (APD)

The PXS Series of proportional extra-small high voltage power supplies has excellent load regulation characteristics as well as superior temperature stability characteristics. The small size of the units, ease of control, and high stability, make the PXS Series optimal for hand-held devices, portable equipment, and other small high-voltage projects.

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