Dual Output Aux Series – High Voltage Biasing Supply

High Voltage Power Supply AUX Series


  • Adds a second + or – HV output
  • Fixed regulated output
  • Encapsulated with A or C Series HVPS
  • Creates a 4.9 in3 dual-output supply
  • Fixed-frequency, low-stored-energy design
  • High power density
  • Output short-circuit protected

Typical applications

  • Bipolar outputs
  • ionization/strike
  • trigger coils
  • pulse generator or amplifiers
  • tube elements such as G1, G2
  • cathode
  • spark gap initiator

The AUX Series accessory provides a second fixed HV output in addition to the adjustable main high-voltage power-supply output. This second output is set for a specific fixed voltage at the factory. The AUX output is achieved by adding a daughter board inside either 1/16A to 6A or 1/16C to 6C high-voltage power supplies.

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