DCH3138 Series – HV Power Supply

High Voltage Power Supply DCH Series


  • 24 VDC Input
  • Output Voltage: 10 to 20kV
  • Output Power: 4W
  • Input Power 10W Max.
  • 4 Watts Output
  • Relay Contacts Open At 200uA
  • 10,000:1 Voltage Sense

Typical applications

  • Photomultipliers
  • Ionizers
  • CRT Grid Circuits
  • Biasing
  • Dielectric Testing
  • Piezoelectric Drivers

High Voltage Power Solutions (HVPSI) new DCH3138 adjustable DC-DC power supply is designed for demanding laboratory and OEM applications. The DCH3138 features 10-20kV output voltage adjustment, 10,000:1 voltage sense, and relay contacts that open at 200uA. The unit is capable
4 watts output power. All High Voltage components are fully encapsulated in epoxy resin for protection against humidity and environment.

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