F Option - Ripple Stripper® Output Filter

High Voltage Module Options


  • Buffered, low output impedance and nulled current monitor
  • Buffered, low output impedance voltage monitor
  • Programming accuracy of ±1% full scale
  • 0 to +5V or 0 to +10V remote programming for all polarites
  • 0 to +5V or 0 to +10V remote programming for all modes
  • +5V or +10V reference, ±0.05%, 5PPM/°C
  • Constant voltage / constant current (CVCC) auto-crossover
  • Current and voltage mode indicators

Typical applications

  • scanning electron microscopes (SEM)
  • photomultiplier tubes (PMT)
  • particle accelerators
  • channel electron multipliers

For the A, 10A-25A, or 30A-40A Series units. Reduces ripple 10 to 100 times. For greater performance, the –M Option (wrap-around Mu-Metal shield) should be used. Units 10kV and above require the-F-M options be used in conjunction to achieve this ripple reduction.

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