FX Series 300 Watt Regulated High Voltage DC Power Supplies

AC/DC High Voltage Power Supply FX Series


  • From 0 to 1kV through 0 to 60kV
  • 300 watts of output power
  • AC Input: 198-264V RMS
  • Remote Control Facilities
  • Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation
  • Pulse-Width Modulation

Typical applications

  • DC Bias for Vacuum process
  • Microwave systems
  • Accelerator Research
  • Capacitor Chargers

The FX Series is a sophisticated, 300 Watt, high voltage power supply in a small and lightweight package (1U). They are air insulated, fast response units with tight regulation. Arc Quench and Arc sensing ensures smooth performance in dynamic load environments. It is a well-regulated power source, with low ripple (0.02%RMS) and low stored energy, which makes it ideal for both OEM and research applications.

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