EV Series 3000 Watt Regulated High Voltage DC Power Supplies

AC/DC High Voltage Power Supply EV Series


  • From 0 to 750V through 0 to 1500V
  • 3000 watts of output power
  • AC Input: 198-264 VAC
  • Floating Output
  • Last Setting Memory
  • Cooling

Typical applications

  • Electron-beam Welding
  • Ion Sources
  • DC Magnetron Sputtering
  • Glass/Web Coaters

The 3000 Watt EV Series breaks new ground in regulated high voltage DC power supply technology. The outstanding power density of 3 kW in a 2U package is provided up to 1500 V without the reliability issues inherent in connecting multiple low voltage supplies in series to achieve a higher voltage.
The EV Series offers the features you’ve come to expect in a cutting-edge power supply. Some of the unique features are:
• Embedded microprocessor control with RS232, RS485, and USB communications as standard features (Ethernet optional); full analog remote capability is retained.
• A fully floating output isolated to 1500V allows the user to select the polarity by choosing which side of the output to connect to Ground.
• Field strappable parallel operation allows the user to add additional units as required to increase the output power.

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