CoolX1800 Series - Low Voltage Power Supplies

1800 W Intelligent, Modular Power Supplies

Advanced Energy’s Excelsys CoolX1800 series of high density, multiple-output modular power supplies is ideal for medical, life science, industrial, and harsh-environmental applications. The power supplies support series and parallel configurations for ultimate flexibility and simultaneous O/P DC power. 

  • 1800 W in a compact package
  • Industrial and medical safety approvals
  • 24 W-standby power
  • PMBus™ for digital communications and control
  • Up to 12 isolated outputs (1850 VAC)


  • 93% efficiency
  • Five-year warranty
  • MTBF figures of > 200000
  • Safety approved to 5000 m altitude


  • 93% efficiency
  • Five-year warranty
  • MTBF figures of > 200000
  • Safety approved to 5000 m altitude


Access incredible power via a compact supply. The modular Excelsys CoolX®1800 offers 1800 W in a 267 x 127 x 41 mm package (approximately 50% more power than the industry standard). Outputs can be parallel connected for higher currents and series connected for higher voltages (up to 348 VDC).

The series is available in two base models. The CX18S has the IEC60950 (second edition) certification for industrial applications and will comply with the upcoming IEC62368-1 standard. The CX18M carries IEC60601-1 (third edition) and the IEC60601-1-2 (fourth edition, EMC) standards for medical applications. Both can be populated with up to six CoolMods, providing up to 12 isolated DC outputs that range from 1 to 58 V.


  • High Power Density: 1800 W in a 267 x 127 x 41 mm package
  • Full Safety Agency Approvals: See Technical Specs for details
  • Intelligent Digital Power: Access maximum flexibility with analog and digital control (PMBus™)
  • User- and Field-Configurable: Configure outputs to setpoint voltages; connect in parallel/series for higher output current and/or voltages
  • High Reliability and Efficiency: Help ensure quality, reliability, and a low total cost of ownership

ModulesVnom(V)Set Point Adjust Range (V)Imax(A)Power (W)
Single Output 1 Slot
CmB126.0-15.0 23.3280
CmC2415.0-28.0 12.5300
CmD4828.0-58.0 6.25300
High Power 3 Slot
CmE2422.8-25.2 37.5900
CmF4845.6-50.4 18.75900
Dual Output 1 Slot
CmG V1243.0-30.04120
CmH V153.0-6.01060
Wide Trim 1 Slot
CmB-W01121.0-15.0 23.3280
CmC-W01242.0-28.0 12.5300
CmD-W01483.0-58.0 6.25300