FIL Series - Precision Filament Supply

The FIL series enables you to properly operate the filament, maximize its performance, and extend filament life. These modules deliver up to 15 W of power from a 24 VDC input. Programmable voltage and current controls, as well as current and voltage mode indicators, equip you with excellent linearity and control accuracy.

Typical Applications

  • Precision filaments for use in
  • mass spectrometry
  • electron beams
  • test equipment

Input Voltage 
24 V ±10

Output Voltage

From 0 to 5V

Output Power

15W of output power

Operating Temperature
+10 to +45°C case temp. @100% HVout/LOAD

Temperature Coefficient
≤15 ppm/°C

UL/cUL recognized component; CE mark (LVD and RoHS)

-E: 'Eared' heatsink plate
-H: Heatsink 0.400" high (sized to fit case)
-M: Six sided mu-metal shield

Part NumberMax. Voltage (Vdc)Input Voltage (Vdc)Current (A)Offset Current Control (A)Offset Voltage Control (VDC)Temp. Coefficient (ppm per °C)
FIL-5V-3A524 / +-1030.001%0.04%<15
FIL-5V-3A-M524 / +-1030.001%0.04%<15
FIL-5V-3A-E524 / +-1030.001%0.04%<15
FIL-5V-3A-H524 / +-1030.001%0.04%<15