EFL Series - Isolated Low Voltage Power Supplies

The EFL series of floating hot deck, low-voltage (LV) power supplies offers an integrated solution for systems requiring LV power and controls with high voltage isolation. Combining a highly isolated, DC-to-DC, multioutput low-voltage power supply (LVPS) with an advanced isolated digital and analog I/O topology, the EFL subsystem provides both power and controls to floating-hotdeck circuitry. This solution, when combined with one or more HVPS or other circuitry, can provide highperformance solutions for a variety of applications.

Typical Applications

  • Floating/stacked ion or e-beam biases
  • Floating filament bias
  • Floating pulsers and gated grids
  • Floating leakage testers

Input Voltage
12 VDC +/-5% for full power
24 VDC +/-5% for full power

15 kV or 30 kV

Operating Temperature -20 to +55°C

Temperature Coefficient < 10 ppm/°C

RoHS Compliant (Non-compliant also available)

15EFL : 144.8 L x 38.1 W x 33 H mm
30EFL : 144.8 L x 41.3 W x 38.1 H mm

15EFL: 377.1 g
30EFL: 569.8 g

-I/O Digital up channel & analog up channel
-R/B Digital down channel & analog down channel
-M Partial mu-metal shield
-E Eared chassis mounting plate (15kV only)
-H Heatsink

Series Max. Power (W)Max. Voltage (V)Current (mA)Ripple (% rated V)Load Regulation (% rated V)
15EFL12-12W-I/O-RB-E12Multiple outputs - see datasheetSee datasheet22
15EFL24-24W-I/O-RB-E24Multiple outputs - see datasheetSee datasheet22
15EFL24-36W-I/O-RB-E36Multiple outputs - see datasheetSee datasheet22
30EFL12-12W-I/O-RB-E12Multiple outputs - see datasheetSee datasheet22
30EFL24-24W-I/O-RB-E24Multiple outputs - see datasheetSee datasheet22