FL Series - High Voltage Power Supply

The FL family of power supplies are sophisticated, 1.5 kW, power supplies with low ripple and noise. They are air insulated, fast response units, with tight regulation.

Typical Applications

  • plasma coating
  • beam steering
  • laboratory environment
  • industrial process

Input Voltage
90-264 VAC, 48-63 Hz single phase, less than 11A

Output Voltage

from 0-750 VDC through 0-1500 VDC

Output Power
1500 Watt

Available with floating output

Operating Ambient Temperature

-20 to +40°C

less than 0.05% of rated voltage at full load

Front panel digital encoders provide high resolution local adjustment of voltage and current program. Integral RS-232, RS-485, USB and optional ethernet communications provide remote control program and monitor

EN61000-3-2, Line Harmonics
EN61010/ IEC61010, Safety
EN61000-6-4, Conducted and Radiated Emissions
EN61000-6-2:2005, Conducted and Radiated Immunity
2011/65/EU, Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

SeriesMax. Output Voltage Max. Output Current Max. Output PowerInput VoltageRipple max.
FL0750F2.00 - 750 V 2 A1.5 kWSingle Phase0.05%
FL1000F1.50 - 1 kV1.5 A1.5 kWSingle Phase0.05%
FL1250F1.20 - 1.25 kV1.2 A1.5 kWSingle Phase0.05%
FL1500F1.00 - 1.5 kV 1 A1.5 kWSingle Phase0.05%