35 kV High Voltage Power Supply for Scanning Electron Microscopes

The EG353 series offers dependable, high-stability power supplies for scanning electron microscopes (SEM) with built-in flexibility to accommodate various Schottky emission electron gun configurations. The EG353 series includes Direct Drive Digital Control (D3C) which enables a smaller footprint and improves MTBF and reliability. Via a proven design and power-conversion technologies, EG353 power supplies can help maximize image quality and repeatability.

Typical Applications

  • Scanning Electron Microscopes
  • Inspection
  • Material and Biological Sciences
  • Forensics

Input Voltage
23 to 25 VDC, 2.3 ADC max.

Output Voltage
Accelerator -30 kV, 200 μA (-35 kV for conditioning)
Extractor +10 kV, 400 μA
Suppressor -1 kV, 100 μA
Heater +5 V, 3 A

Output Power
Accelerator: 6 W
Extractor: 4 W
Suppressor: 0.1 W
Heater: 15 W

Temperature Coefficient
Accelerator: < 25 ppm/°C
Extractor: < 25 ppm/°C
Suppressor: < 20 ppm/°C
Heater: < 100 ppm/°C

Control Interface
RS-232; supplied by fully-isolated fiber optics (9-way female D-type connector)

Installation Type
Compact module or 19 in rack mount

Operating Temperature
+10 to +45°C


Accelerator: < 2 ppm (50 mVpp)
Extractor: < 2 ppm (20 mVpp)
Suppressor: < 30 ppm (30 mVpp)
Heater: LF < 1 mA pp, HF < 5 mVpp with a 1 Ω load


RoHS compliant to EU Directive 2011/65/EU
CE marked for EU LV Directive 2006/95/EC