Modular High Voltage Connectors

The modular design of this hybrid interconnection system allows almost any combination of high voltage pneumatic, signal and data transmission. Configure your interconnection system by combining numerous insertion modules and bundle lots of separate connections into one single service, maintenance friendly compact, IP65 protected hybrid connector.

Series MOD


  • Operating voltage: 12 kV DC
  • Testing voltage: 18 kV DC
  • Rated current: 25 A
  • Number of pins: 2 - 14
  • Termination method: solder/ crimp
  • Wire size: AWG 20-12
  • Protection class: IP 65
  • Flammability: UL94 V-0


  • Rugged housing
  • Practical locking-latch
  • High protection class
  • Combinable with other modular inserts
  • Various options for wire size
  • Recessed contacts
  • Simple modular system
  • Quick and easy assembly

Series MOD, System Components

Modules available for:

  • High voltage, 2 Pin per module, up to12 kVDC
  • Signal transmission, 3 - 20 pin per module, up to 630 V
  • Coaxial, 3 pin per module, 250 V
  • Data transmission, RJ45 CAT5e / USB Type 2, 4 x 400 V contacts
  • Diverse frames and housings for up to 7 modules


  • High flexibility in small space
  • Minimum cable length
  • Very service and maintenance friendly
  • Various application specific combinations
  • International standardized, widely spread
  • Compatible with: Amphenol Heavymate C 146M, Lapp EPIC MC, Weidmüller ConCept, Wieland revos Flex u.a.