AR Series - Water-Cooled Oil-Filled Capacitors

Oil-filled capacitors for high voltage power , for a pulsed laser or for induction heating , we can provide your component. We offer a broad range of standard packaging components and internals for oil-filled capacitors applied to energy storage, DC-power filtering, transient snubbing and high alternating current applications.

Part #Total CapacitanceRated VoltageS maxI max (RMS)
ARS18750 µF900 VN/A1000 A
ARS191400 µF750 VN/A1000 A
AR48210.18 µF1250 V300 kV·A240 A
AR49924.87 µF800 V300 kV·A375 A
AR48837.34 µF800 V450 kV·A563 A
AR48574.60 µF800 V900 kV·A1125 A
AR48763.65 µF1000 V1200 kV·A1200 A
AR49640.80 µF1250 V1200 kV·A960 A
AR4817.77 µF800 V300 kV·A375 A
AR49011.72 µF800 V450 kV·A563 A
AR49217.48 µF800 V675 kV·A844 A
AR48619.92 µF1000 V1200 kV·A1200 A
AR49531.10 µF800 V1200 kV·A1500 A
AR49813.40 µF1250 V1260 kV·A1008 A
AR50015.54 µF1200 V1350 kV·A1125 A
AR49319.88 µF800 V800 kV·A1100 A
AR49713.26 µF1200 V1200 kV·A1000 A
AR48331.08 µF800 V1250 kV·A1563 A
AR48939.90 µF800 V1600 kV·A2000 A
AR4846.0 µF800 V603 kV·A754 A
AR4914.92 µF1250 V1200 kV·A960 A