VD Series High Voltage Probes

Technische Daten

  • Max DC/Pulsed V (kV) up to: 400/550
  • Max Frequency (Mhz.): 20
  • Can be used with either scopes or meters
  • DC accuracy: <0.1%


  • television tube
  • radar
  • particle accelerator

VD series high voltage probes are floor standing high voltage probes which are designed for rugged day in – day out use. They are used in a wide range of applications ranging from television tube manufacturing to radar to advanced particle accelerator applications. Resistors with an extremely low voltage coefficient of
resistance are used, and all capacitors are temperature, frequency, and voltage stabilized for the best possible performance. The probes all have field defining toroids as a standard item in order to minimize the proximity effect (stray capacitance) and maximize the reproducibility of the measurement. The high and low frequency calibrations are carefully matched before shipment. Very high frequency cable effects are also carefully compensated so accurate measurements can be made even when the cable length exceeds the pulse duration. No adjustments are necessary once the probes have been factory calibrated.

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