SPFT Feed Thru Ceramic Capacitors

Technische Daten

  • 8.5 to 40 kVDC Working Voltage
  • Up to 4000 kVA Power Rating
  • 150 to 4000 pF Capacitance


  • RF Heating
  • Power Transmitters
  • High Voltage Filters

The SPFT Series Feed-Thru capacitors are carefully designed, hollow ceramic tubes used to communicate power and low frequency signals between high-power RF chassis and other RF-radiating elements. These capacitors provide an elegantly simple means of bypassing massive amounts of RF energy to ground to maintain system signal integrity. They are built upon high quality Class I dielectrics, assuring a low dissipation factor and high bandwidth. SPFT feed-thru capacitors find application in RF heating, power transmitters and high voltage filters.

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