Fast HV Transistor Switches, HTS 31-80 – HTS 61-40

Technische Daten

3kV at 800A or 6kV at 400A
Power MOS Technology
Fast Turn-on & Turn-off
Variable On-Time
Large di/dt


  • Dircet Replacement of:
  • Electron Tubes
  • Gas Discharge Tubes
  • Spark Gaps

These MOSFET switches of model series HTS have been designed for fast high voltage pulse generators with high peak current capability. Their universal design allows a direct replacement of electron tubes, gas discharge tubes and spark gaps in many pulsed power applications. The lifetime of solid-state switches is several orders of magnitude higher than those of conventional switches and the switching characteristics are widely unaffected by aging. The employment of 120 rugged MOSFETs together with an intelligent control system guarantees an exceptional good switching performance particularly for high frequency applications. Bursts in the megahertz-range and complex wave pattern as well as long lasting square-wave pulses can be generated without large-scale technical efforts.

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