Fast HV Transistor Switches, HTS 161-06 – HTS 221-06 – HTS 331-06

Technische Daten

  • 16kV at 60A or 22kV at 60A or 33kV at 60A
  • Variable On-Time
  • High Switching Frequency


  • Industrial Power Electronics
  • HV Test Equipment
  • Pulse Generators
  • Deflection and Acceleration Grid Drivers

These MOSFET switching modules have been designed for general high voltage switching applications such as industrial power electronics, HV test instruments, pulse generators, deflection- and acceleration grid drivers. The switching modules described here are distinguished above all by their very short transition time, high switching frequency and extraordinary high dv/dt immunity against HV transients. The switches can therefore be used in all hard switching applications without limitations.

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