Fast HV Transistor Switches, HTS 161-06-GSM – HTS 301-03-GSM

Technische Daten

  • 2 × 16kV at 60A or 2 × 30kV at 30A
  • Push-Pull
  • Rise and Fall Time ~20ns
  • Variable Pulse Width from 200ns to ∞
  • No Pulse Droop


  • Generation of Square Wave Pulses
  • Into Capacitive Load

The switching modules of the series HTS-GSM consist of two identical MOSFET switching paths that form a so-called half bridge circuit respectively push-pull circuit. Both switching paths are controlled by a common driver, which also provides a logic signal negation for one of the switches. The switches are mutually passively locked, so that a short in the bridge is excluded under all circumstances, including if the control input is disturbed by electromagnetic interferences (due to bad EMC design, for example). Especially in pulse generator applications with capaci¬tive load, the push-pull principle has considerable advantages in comparison to the conventional circuitry using a single-switch with a working resistor. Push-pull circuits do not require large energy storage capacitors for a low pulse drop and, because there are no working resistor power losses, the efficiency of a push-pull pulser is excellent regardless of pulse width, frequency and duty cycle. The pulsers draw only currents for charging the connected load capacitance. Thanks to an extremely precise timing of the switches, there are also almost no cross currents in the bridge, except peak charging currents of the switch natural capacitances.

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