Fast HV Transistor Switches, HTS 151-12-B – HTS 181-12-B – HTS 211-12-B

Technische Daten

  • 15kV at 125A or 18kV at 125A or 21kV at 125A
  • Variable On-Time
  • Very Low On-Resistance
  • MOSFET Technology


  • Alternative to IGBT Switches

This new generation of BEHLKE high voltage switching modules utilize an advanced MOSFET technology with very low on-resistance, the so called Trench FET technology. The switching speed of those modern FET is slightly slower than that of a classical power FET, but is still much faster than that of any IGBT, which is preferably used to achieve low turn-on losses. The new MOSFET switches of series HTS-B combine very low dynamic switching losses with moderate turn-on losses and are a serious alternative to IGBT switches. Another important advantage compared to the fault sensitive IGBT is the positive temperature coefficient of the on-resistance, which makes the switch short circuit proof within the thermal limits. Furthermore overvoltage transients as well as voltage reversal respectively current reversal is less dangerous to MOSFETs than to IGBTs. Insofar these switching modules are well suitable for applications with high demands on operational safety even under worst conditions.

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