XR150 - X-RAY Power Supply Module

Technische Daten

  • 24Vdc Input
  • Output Voltage: 0 to -60kV
  • Output Power: 150W
  • 17 W floating filament
  • High accuracy and stability
  • Emission accuracy:
  • Exceptionally compact
  • Remote operation
  • Analog or RS-232 control interface
  • Safety interlock
  • Extensive tube and system
    protection functions


  • Inspection & analytical
  • Industrial process
  • Digital x-ray imaging

Specifically developed for high-performance x-ray applications, the compact and reliable XR150 series is surface mountable and built with superior high voltage stress control and packaging techniques. The filament is automatically controlled by integral beam loop control and the power stage utilizes a current-fed resonant push-pull converter to provide high efficiency and reliability.

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