HVA Series – Precision High Voltage Amplifier

High Voltage Amplifier HVA Series

Technische Daten

  • Unipolar models: 0 to 10kV max
  • Bipolar models: 0 to 5kV max
  • Output Power: up to 1W
  • Can both source and sink current
  • Differential precision 0 to 10VDC control input
  • Precision voltage and current monitors
  • PPM level line & load regulation
  • 25ppm temperature coefficient (15ppm optional)


  • electrorheological materials
  • electrohydrodynamics
  • electrostatic chuck
  • coating
  • electrospinning
  • precipitation

The HVA Series of DC-to-DC high-voltage power supplies operates a precision filter/divider & linear HV switch to produce a High-Voltage Amplifier (HVA). These modules provide a high-resolution, programmable, high-voltage DC to greater than 1 kHz output. The HVA Series is optimized for bias applications while providing excellent line regulation, load regulation, dynamic response, and stability. The HVA Series can both source and sink current!

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