MPM Series – High Voltage Biasing Supply

Technische Daten

  • 12 or 24Vdc Input
  • Output Voltage: 100 V to 3 kV
  • Output Power: 1.5 W, continuous
  • Output isolation option


  • MEMS devices
  • PZT actuators
  • laser
  • electro-optic modulation
  • Ion Beam

The MPM series is suitable for ink jet printing, electrostatic precipitation, Geiger-Muller tubes, photomultiplier tubes, electron beam deflection and focusing, as well as various general purpose applications.
These units’ unregulated output is proportional to the input voltage. Alternatively, customers can add their own external feedback control loops to provide regulated outputs. The converters are vacuum encapsulated in an ABS case to ensure maximum reliability and safety. Standard MPM models are three-pin devices that provide a common 0 V for input and output. All models are available with a range of input and output voltages, with either positive or negative output.
MPM series units are fully encapsulated in silicone rubber to give reliable and consistent operation over wide environmental conditions. All units are fully ATE tested to ensure consistent performance.

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