WK Series Extended Current 500 Watt Regulated High Voltage DC Power Supplies

AC/DC High Voltage Power Supply WK Series

Technische Daten

  • 3 models from 0 to 80kV through 0 to 125kV
  • 500 watts of output power
  • Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation
  • Extended Current
  • Air insulated
  • Tight Regulation


  • Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Systems
  • PET Scanners
  • FDG producing Cyclotrons
  • Gamma Cameras

The WK Series is a 500 watt regulated DC power supply offering output voltage ranges to 125kV and an interesting “plus.” Maximum current ratings are equivalent to a 600W supply up to 84% of rated voltage! Panel height is only 5.25 inches and weight is less than 30 pounds. The WK Series is available with dual analog output meters or, optionally, with digital meters or a blank panel for OEM/system applications.

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