Two new 30 kV Discrete Diodes - UX-F30B & CL03-30


With the addition of the UX-F30B and CL03-30, Dean Technology now has seven standard discrete diodes with a peak inverse voltage rating of 30 kV. These two new parts are higher voltage additions to the existing CL03 and UX series, offering the same benefits of the existing parts for even higher operating voltages.

The UX-F30B is the fastest 30 kV diode we’ve ever produced with a reverse recovery time of 50 nanoseconds, perfect for high frequency applications. The CL03-30 is fast recovery with an impressive current rating of 120 milliamps, and is very cost effective for innumerable applications.

Detailed specifications for both the UX-F30B and CL03-30 parts are available immediately upon request.

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