M1 Series Magnetron Modulators

M1 Series Magnetron Modulators

Technische Daten

  • RF Peak Power: 1 – 3 MW
  • Pulse Voltage: 30 – 50 kV
  • Pulse Current: 30 – 120 A
  • Modulator Peak Power: 6 MW
  • Modulator Average Power: 0.1 – 6 kW


  • Industrial
  • Medical

Our Magnetron Modulators cover a wide power range. This modulator is designed to handle magnetrons in the 1 MW to 3 MW range at up to 8 kW average power in a very compact enclosure. It provides unparalleled performance and ease of integration and use by customers and provides a small package size to meet system integrators most critical packaging needs. The M1 modulators have become the workhorse of the industrial and medical users who need to drive lower power magnetrons.

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