K2-2 Series Klystron Modulators

K2-2 Series Klystron Modulators

Technische Daten

  • RF Peak Power: 25 – 40 MW
  • Pulse Voltage: 250 – 330 kV
  • Pulse Current: 200 – 350 A
  • Modulator Peak Power: 92 MW
  • Modulator Average Power: 0.5 – 72 kW


  • Industrial
  • Research

Our Klystron Modulators cover a wide power range. This high end klystron modulator is the mid-range unit of the K2 series. Designed to handle klystrons in the 25 MW to 40 MW range, it provides all of the features of the smaller series of klystron modulators along with the pulse current and voltage to meet the needs of the larger klystrons on the market today. The K2 series modulators have become the workhorse of the research community.

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